Thiess Tarong Meandu Mine medical services

Mine site Medical Services

CLIENT: Thiess Tarong Meandu mine
PROJECT: Mine site Medical Services
YEARS: 3 months
LOCATION: Queensland

  • Scheduled Shut Down
  • Fixed Emergency Clinic at mine site
  • Paramedic Response Teams

Immediate Assistants provides Occupational and Emergency Medical services to over 300 workers at during scheduled shutdown procedure at this Queensland coal mine site.

Rescue skilled Paramedics run a daily Medical Clinic at the mine and form part of the Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Tarong Energy, a government owned corporation, is one of Queensland’s most significant power generators. Originally awarded the contract in October 2007, Thiess has operated the Meandu mine since the transition from the previous mine owner and operator. The contract will now run through to December 2011.

Coal produced at the Meandu mine supplies the adjacent Tarong Power Stations which are a major source of Queensland’s electricity.